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Developer & Programmer

Starting as a web developer from 2014, I have worked with a few companies which helped me acquire critical and analytical skills and a chance of working with different programming languages. During this journey, I learned that I enjoy teaming up with programmers, regularly updating my skills as a challenge, and being a part of a new idea.


Willingness to learn new languages and technologies

  1. 1Over 5 years of experience in front and back-end for web development
  2. 2Proficient in programming languages such as HTML5, CSS3 and Bootstrap
  3. 3Comfortable in the use of modern web technologies PHP, and MySQL
  4. 4Working and using with third parties as a Rest API
  5. 5Understanding of JavaScript and jQuery
  6. 6Experience with CMS software (DotNetNuke and WordPress)
  7. 7Good in Google Webmaster, Google Analytics, robots file, and Sitemaps

Experiences LAST 3

sryas project image

SRYAS INC | Contract - Full Time

DNN Web Developer: Aug 2019 - Present
  • Upgraded web portal from old version, 6.4 to latest DNN version, 9.3.2
  • Improved or replaced the old modules with the new version based on the DNN 9.3.2
  • Solved the security issues and improved the web portal for reaching the secure flags
  • Wrote, edited, and completed the two documentation guides of this project for client
  • Had daily meeting with the customer to find the issues and gave the proper solutions
  • Worked in the team and individual regarding on a daily tasks

As an end-to-end IT solutions provider, we set up smart teams who love challenges and think disruptively to help our clients succeed. We continue to push the limits of our software solutions to deliver dynamic data integration, insight and decision optimization techniques for our clients. For over 15 years, our team has garnered a reputation for unparalleled service and delivery.

| Content is from Sryas website
arian exchange project image

Arian Exchange Company | Part Time

PHP Web Developer: Aug 2009 - Present
  • Created the first website in HTML5 and CSS3, then later rebuilt it and using PHP, jQuery, and Bootstrap
  • Built accounting program in Excel, then converted it to PHP with feature parity
  • Used Rest API to upgrade the price change of currencies in the website
  • Worked on SEO to improve their website ranking in Iranian community
  • Tried to implement of the latest security and accessibility roles for all the pages
  • Built the fully dynamic admin page to upgrade all the content of website easily

Arian Exchange partnership company, was established in 2009 with the aim of providing foreign exchange services, remittances and gold coins with the official approval of the Central Bank of Iran. Affordable prices, fast delivery of currency around the world, and customer confidence are the main goals of Arian Financial Group.

| Content is from Arian Exchange website
aras project image

ARAS CO | Part Time

DNN Web Developer: Apr 2017 - May 2018
  • Designed and test the mockup template with client to improve of the result
  • programmed with variety of DNN modules like sliders, forms, grids, and Galleries
  • Optimized client's websites by producing content and code based on customer's recommendations
  • Programed and tracked the customer project to have best result

Aras Engineering Group is a fully private joint-stock company which has been established in 2003 with the aim of implementing major EPCF & MC projects and also transferring new technologies of oil, gas & petrochemical industries, water and wastewater treatment and steel industries. Aras is a well-known brand in Iran and we have 15 million man Hours per year working capacity.

| Content is from Aras website